HIT Center Austin is very proud to announce the ensuing construction of a 77,000 sq. ft. facility serving northwest Austin, Cedar Park and surrounding areas. Our offering will expand commensurately, allowing us to operate as a hub for recreational and elite athletes under the new name MAXOUT Sports. As MAXOUT, we will not only continue HIT’s reputation for quality athletic training in Austin, but also offer our athletes access to a cutting-edge training facility, 6 tournament volleyball courts, 3 full basketball courts, indoor turf space, physical therapy, Bod Pod and massage under one roof.   

      HIT Center Austin will continue its training programs at its Cedar Park location until August 2019. We welcome everyone to follow our journey on HIT’s Facebook, Instagram and web site. We will post updates throughout the construction process and announce our partnerships with local organizations over time. We wish to thank our families, clients, athletes and coaches for the continued support that has led us to this great opportunity, and we look forward to sharing the finished product.   

About Us


We have established a strong family of coaches and clients who, together, have achieved a respectable list of accomplishments. We have watched our clients lose weight, shape up, get strong, and improve their lives. They have won games, races, tournaments, championships, Olympic medals, and world records. Our first client broke through the physical limitations of cerebral palsy to set two world records in wheelchair racing. 

Previously injured athletes have returned to their sports better than before. An underdog D-III football player dominated his Pro Day, and signed with an NFL team. A 13-year NFL veteran earned his first Pro Bowl selection. We watched one of our track athletes break a world record and win a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Our young athletes have celebrated their signing days countless times.

We have learned from each other, improving our craft to become better coaches and teachers­­­­­­­.

We have created a place where people want to work and work out.

See you in the Spring 2020!


Location Under Construction

Adjacent to our friends at Waterloo Swimming! We will keep everyone updated with progress photos and construction timelines throughout the process. 

Maxout Sports

12332 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin, Texas 78750, United States

(512) 338-4448



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